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Flourish with Kemi Nekvapil

Brooke by Brooke
July 31st, 2014

Raw food advocate Kemi Nekvapil  has become one of Australia’s most popular advisors on eating raw foods thanks to her easy, inspiring recipes and her realistic  approach. Kemi is also a wife, mother and a serious business woman. When she talks, people listen.

Kemi  has a website called Raw Beauty Queen, a website dedicated to women experiencing a kind of beauty that is fueled by mind and body nourishment. Kemi inspires women to build a solid foundation for self love and gives tools for women to feel good about  themselves, with the belief that then ripples into all areas of life. Kemi runs an annual event called Flourish to zone in on how to build a solid foundation for self love.  As with every one of Kemi’s events, you will learn the skills to love, honor and cherish yourself first and foremost with a focus on turning your passion into a reality.

We sat down with Kemi to find out more about the event and how we could get involved…

Kemi Nekvapil raw food Queen.

What exactly is Flourish?

Flourish – Cultivate your Passion and Purpose is a unique one day workshop for women to explore their passion and purpose in a safe and inspiring environment.

Each woman will have the freedom to explore what ignites her from the inside, and she will gain real life tools to share her passion and purpose in ways that make a difference not only to her but also to those whose lives she touches.

What does the event involve?

The day will include personal reflection, coaching, open conversation and powerful group exercises that I recently learnt while doing a program in the country of happiness, Bhutan. The content for the whole day will expand what women think is possible for themselves and for each other.

It is amazing what happens when you have a room full of women, all ages and backgrounds that want to elevate and support each other.

This becomes the community of women that support and empower each other for years to come, that is how it works when women are on each others side.

Samantha Gash a women that drinks passion and purpose for breakfast, will be the guest speaker at Flourish. Samantha is running 2350kms across South Africa’s Freedom Trail. She is running on average 2 marathons a day for 32 days, to raise awareness that 1 in 3 women in South Africa don’t attend school during menstruation because sanitary products are too expensive, this affects their schooling, then their self confidence and they eventually drop out of school. Samantha aims to raise $50,000 to establish a social enterprise business, gainfully employing South African women to manufacture affordable feminine hygiene products for themselves and their daughters.

What will our viewers get out of the event?

The ability and permission to live a life that honours who they are and who they want to be, not who they think they should be. Flourish will shift limiting thoughts and ideas about passion and purpose that women have such as: “I do not have the time.” “I have no idea what my purpose is.” “I am good at my job, but is this it?” “I am exhausted I can not do anything while I have the children.” “When all my ducks are in a row, then….etc”

I firmly believe and experience that to do anything in life we need energy and clarity. As I am passionate about women nourishing their bodies and their lives the food provided on the day will be the best organic, seasonal raw food in Melbourne! This is not a soggy sandwich event from the moment the participants enter the event they will experience beauty and nourishment on many levels.

Tell us some of the feedback you had from last year’s event?

Many of the women who attended did not know what their passion or purpose were, they were there on pure instinct. What happened through the course of the event peeled back layers to reveal passions they had hidden or forgotten and some stepped into something completely new.

From last years workshop, a 62 year old women is now off to India to work at an orphanage for 6 months, one woman realised that she could be at home with her children without feeling guilty, that was her passion and purpose and she has stopped apologising for it. Another left the coal industry to start living in a way that was more aligned with her personal values and now writes a health blog. Another who is a dance teacher is now using her passion to raise money for children’s education in Bali which gives her passion even more purpose. When we have the time, support and opportunity to explore these areas in our lives the possibilities are endless.

How hard is it to turn your passion into reality?

It depends on what your passion is. Most of us have more than one and I think being able to prioritise what you are passionate about at anyone time makes a big difference.

As women we can easily overwhelm ourselves and this does not have to be part of the equation at all.If we are working in jobs that do not fulfil us we can find ways to shift this, or we can boldly step into something new. Some women want to help others through service, some through art, it is different for everyone, but not nourishing these two aspects of our lives can lead to resentment, anger and resignation.

What are your top three pieces of advice for someone who wants to turn their passion into reality but aren’t sure where to start?

  1. Nourishment – We need to have energy and clarity to live to our full potential, how we fuel our bodies should never be underestimated.
  2. Community – It is paramount that we surround ourselves with people on the same journey, there are too many wet blankets out there.
  3. Courage – The ability to be vulnerable is when deep courage comes.

You mention the 7 principles of raw beauty – can you tell us about these?

The 7 Principles of Raw Beauty are the road map I have used to live my life for over a decade and they are the foundation of my retreats, client coaching and live events. Each principle stands well on it’s own but when we add them all to our lives in small sustainable steps we became more beautiful everyday, a deep nourishing beauty that gets better and better.

Body Nourishment – Nourish yourself with living plant foods on a daily basis for mental clarity, energy and beauty. Move your body to increase your ‘self sexiness’.

Self Love – Be proud of who you are, and the ever-expanding knowledge that you are becoming the best woman you can be for yourself and others.

Creative expression – Honour and nurture your creativity to express your whole self.

Joy creation – Practice the art of gratitude. Joy comes from choosing joy, moment by moment.

Elevating relationships and communities – Surround yourself with people that support and nurture you to create a life you want to live. Build a community of women that will raise you higher.

Living your passions – Create a life that drives you to jump out of bed every morning and be a full expression of your passions and therefore a full expression of yourself.

Purpose and contribution – Choose your purpose and then powerfully share it with others in ways that make a difference.

You can buy tickets to Kemi’s event here.