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Kid-free restaurants – yay or nay?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 7th, 2015

Queensland restaurant owner Liam Flynn has recently implemented a ‘no children under seven’ policy at his restaurant, Flynn’s.

The move has received both criticism and praise from the public, with some calling it “disgusting” and “discriminatory” and others saying, “I’m a parent and you have my support.”

Personally? As a mother of two kids, I think an ‘adults only’ policy should be adopted at more restaurants, and here’s why.

I love my kids to death but sometimes, I can’t think of anything more awesome than going out without them. When the rare opportunity arises that my husband and I can get out for a dinner or lunch without our kids, I love to be surrounded by other grown-ups. A restaurant filled with kids? Not so much.

I certainly don’t have anything against children, I bred two of my own, but I just think that a space without kids is the kind of refuge some parents (and non-parents) are looking for.  An escape from those little voices isn’t such a bad thing is it? Sure, there are bars and clubs and gaming rooms (gross) but what if you’re just looking for a nice, quiet meal somewhere?

When we go out to eat with the kids, we always end up rolling our eyes at the end of it saying, “why did we even do this?”, mostly because we have to listen to them complaining about the food that is too herby / too soft / too EVERYTHING.  Even the best behaved kids get bored and a bit pesty at restaurants.

I think that it would be nice to have some designated cafes and restaurants where you can relax amongst other adults when the opportunity arises. A place where you can eat your meal while it’s hot and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations that have nothing to do with poo or play doh.

I don’t think that people should stop taking their children out to restaurants and cafes for meals. I just think that if certain establishments choose to keep it adults only, then that’s ok too. Surely there are enough restaurants to accommodate us all?

What do you think of kid-free restaurants and cafes?