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I’m doing mum type things all the time now. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

Monty by Monty
September 15th, 2015

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You know when you have those thoughts like, “WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?” I often catch myself doing ‘mum’ type things and then crack up that I am actually a mum. I still feel like I am 21 but in reality I am 34 years old and responsible for two little breathing, farting and often obnoxious, mini humans. I am a bonafide grown up. No denying it. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!?! It creeps up on you and then you find yourself sucked into the mum vortex of negotiating getting shoes on tiny toes and denying a whinging child a Freddo frog just to feel like you still have some control. Do you do that? Do you sometimes say no even when it isn’t a big deal? I do that often just to feel like I’m still holding firmly onto the reigns. “Mum can I have an apple please?” “NO you may not have an apple, it is 2pm and dinner is only four hours away”. How lucky are my kids to have me as their mum? Ha.

I may be all power trippy when it comes to Freddo’s and Granny Smiths but one thing I do not muck around with is my kids’ safety. Told you, I’m a bonafide grown up!

Bax and Arlo

Bax and Arlo

I found myself in BB the other day, frequent shoppers of Baby Bunting call it BB for short yeah? Or is that just me? Anyway, the car seat I was popping my one year olds derrière in daily could almost be considered pre historic. It was old, stinky and dinosaur looking.

I went in with the intention of buying one baby seat. Naturally I left with TWO. Not just your run of the mill baby seats either, I got two of the most mac daddy baby seats for my little peeps. I drive with my boys a lot. We do supermarket runs often just for fun (don’t judge) so there was no other option but to get the Rolls Royce of baby seats.

Allow me to enlighten you on the new fabulousness that my kids are cruising around in.

It is a Maxi Cosi Euro NXT. You will see below my kids are loving themselves sick in it. I never have found a kids’ car seat so attractive until now. Not only are they lookers but they are top notch in terms of safety too. There is new technology in the seat that protects our babies’ bodies and extra protection for the tots’ heads. It’s like their little noggins are resting between two cloud-like pillows. The fabric used for the seat also works like a magical unicorn of comfort that keeps mini humans dry and cool. It is also super easy to clean which is handy when you have filthy little piglets like me.

No more dinosaurs in my car. My kids buttock’s are now crusin in style.

Arlo in the Euro NXT car seat

Arlo in the Euro NXT car seat