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Apparently kids older than two don’t need naps…I call bullsh*t.

Stacey by Stacey
April 7th, 2016

My youngest son Jarvie is about to turn two-and-a-half and I just read an article that said kids don’t need a nap after they turn two. WHAT??? NO!!!! Obviously this sent me into panic mode. Him napping is what gets me through the day. This kid can NOT drop his nap yet.

Word on the street is that research has shown that napping after the age of two could impact the quality of sleep our kids are getting at night – which can then affect things like behaviour, cognition and physical health.

I call bullshit…and I have to call bullsh*t because if Jarvie doesn’t have a nap I just don’t think I will be a very nice person anymore, in fact I will be a right old mole.  That time is when I can get my life in order…and yes that means REALLY boring household chores like hanging the washing out, cooking dinner, wiping my other kids ass on the toilet, going to the toilet ON MY OWN for the first time that day and just taking a deep ole breath to fill that sanity cup back up again.

This is one of those parenting tricks right? I feel like they were just telling us sleep is what promotes brain development and everything else in between and now they’re saying too much sleep can delay it? Me confused.

How old where your kids when they dropped their naps?

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Do your children still take a day nap? When did they stop?