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This video of my son’s kissing each other provoked the most hideous comments

Stacey by Stacey
February 9th, 2016

Every now and then I am brutally reminded that we all have different moral compasses and ethics. Like when I posted this absolutely INSANELY gorgeous video of my two boys kissing on our Show+Tell Facebook page last week. The comments were just mind blowing.

Using words like ‘gay’ and ‘faggots’ or saying, “They’ll grow up gay and feel sexually attracted to each other. Good luck dealing with it. That’s the big deal.” or another comment “And people wonder what’s going on in the world.”

I am aware that we are all raised differently but to me there is NO excuse for people to be so overly homophobic. How on earth does a video of two young innocent brothers kissing cause such hate, aggression and bigotry? The comments posted under the innocent and fun video upset me for two reason’s…One being my beautiful boys being the victims of such abuse. Something I view as hilarious, fun, innocent was turned into something viewed by some as something totally different. The second being that so many people still have such messed up, naive and dangerous views of what it actually means to be gay.

We deleted the comments immediately mostly because it wasn’t just appalling comments about my boys but it was down right disgusting and not only disrespectful to the gay community but also to everyone else outside of these opinionated, vial humans.

I’m all for people having opinions and thoughts on everything that happens in our world…including the video’s I post of my children but such rotten comments about innocent boys is down right wrong. The constant judgement, sexism, racism and ignorance of some people is something I don’t want near me or my family.

Insecurity and fear are the leading causes of behaviour like this…I will continue to let my kids kiss whenever they bloody well want to. Because they’re brothers. And if they grow up and decide to kiss other men, then I will support them 100% as well. Because that’s what love means to me.