kmarts new range
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Hands up if you LOVE Kmart big time!

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
August 3rd, 2016
kmarts new range

Do you love Kmart as much as me? It’s totally my happy place, and I know I’m not alone. In fact not that long ago I called a friend a who had just separated from her husband and told her: “I’m coming to look after the kids. Go spend some time at Kmart.”

Kmart was not always this cool, in fact when I was a kid it was the house of dagdom and I hated it when my mum took me there to buy clothes. However some very smart cookie running the show there suggested selling really cool stuff really cheap and a love affair was born. I’ve spent hours on the phone to different Kmarts trying to track down bedside tables that have sold out Australia wide in one day because they are AWESOME.

I’m a single mum so money is tight but Kmart allows me to buy nice things for house without breaking the budget…and clothes for the kids and have you seen their shoes? Yes I’m officially a card carrying cult member.

And I’m pretty excited about the new August/September homewares range,  check it out. Shiiiiit yeah!

Kmart's new range

I deffo have my eye on this marble top side table $29

kmart's new range

Planter with stand $15. Cute!

Kmart's new range

This screams let’s invite our friends over and serve Pims at 5pm. Brass tray $7.

Kmart's new range

People might say I don’t need more cushions in my life but I disagree. Quilted cushion $10.

kmart's new range

What’s not to like about gold cutlery? 16 piece set $25.

Probably not great for teaching kids time but looks fab. Concrete Look clock $!2.

Probably not great for teaching kids time but looks fab. Concrete Look clock $12.

Hiding all they toys in this kid's play tent. $25.

Hiding all they toys in this kid’s play tent. $25.

kmart's new range

Absolutely on trend. Round mirror $19.

kmart's new range

Awesome Palm Leaf Print $14

kmarts new range

Great for school bags. Wooden wall hook $3.


*This is not a sponsored post we just seriously LOVE Kmart. 

What’s your favourite Kmart purchase?