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Pornographic?!? Have people lost their minds?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
January 19th, 2016

Take a look at this picture.


This is clearly a little boy attempting to breastfeed his baby brother and it has sparked some massively heated debate after going viral.  Some people have gone as far as describing the picture as “pornographic”. Whaaaa?

Comments such as “New mothers this is not cute it is sick and you need to wake up and learn what is normal and what is not. Anyone who allows this needs serious help” and “Why the eff would you want to associate sexual acts with a child? What is wrong with people?” were added to the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk after the picture was uploaded with the caption, “Don’t worry mom I got you covered!”

Some parents voiced concern not about the suggested breastfeeding in the picture, but the risk of the baby being suffocated by the older child.

The feedback was not all bad, with many mothers showing their support and seeing the sweetness and humour in the picture by uploading their own pictures of their young kids trying to breastfeed siblings or dolls. Some kids were caught out trying to pump milk from their breasts for their baby siblings, while one little cutie was trying to breastfeed herself.



My mind is boggling how a picture like this can be labelled “pornographic”. I have seen a porno before and it was definitely not a little boy mimicking his mum breastfeeding his sibling.  There is NOTHING in this picture that appears sexual in my eyes at all. How could it?

I’ll admit that when I first saw the picture I did think the baby looked a little squashed, but then my mind recalled about a million times my kids have done similar things and how innocent, hilarious and normal it is.   I even showed by husband for another opinion and he just rolled his eyes and walked away when I told him that it had been labelled pornographic by some.

We all know that as parents, we are our children’s greatest teachers and most of us have experienced moments of our children imitating us in some form. My daughter used to breastfeed her doll Lucy alongside me when I was feeding my baby son. My son often puts on my heels and walks around the house telling everyone to pack up their toys. It’s pretty standard behaviour and the fact that this little boy was snapped doing something he knows to be nurturing and loving towards his baby sibling is something I think should be celebrated, not condemned.

Opinions are something we are all entitled to, but I think when those opinions turn into hurtful and public criticism they have definitely gone too far, especially when they involve the most innocent in our community. Our kids.

What are your thoughts on this picture?  Cute or too far?