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FIVE Make up tips for YOU!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 3rd, 2014

I love a Top 5. So much more concise than a Top 10, but with more options that a Top 3.

Below are my absolute, don’t-want-to-live-without, favourite items from MAC Cosmetics.

FIX + – RRP. $27

If MAC ever discontinued this, I reckon I would form a very riotous protest.  FIX+ is a facial spray that can be used in heaps of different ways. If you set your foundation/concealer with powder (you really should, even just the T-zone), spritz onto your face and it’s goodbye powdery-ness, hello beautiful, non-greasy glow. Use it as a mixing medium to turn your powder shadows into a custom liner or even use it to tame those annoying, static baby hairs that are the bane of my life.



If you could only buy one neutral eye shadow shade from MAC, I reckon Patina should be it. It’s a cool-bronze shade with an antique gold undertone. It looks beautiful on all eye colours, not too strong for day wear and buildable enough to wear for a night out (especially with a darker base underneath).  It has a slight shimmer to it, but not too much, so works well on all ages without making your eyelids look like frosted crepes if you’re over 35. Pretty pretty.




So imagine that a moisturiser and highlighter hooked up and after a few drinks, decided to make a baby. A very attractive baby, with its mother’s hydration and its father’s slight pearly sheen….and they named her Strobe Cream. This stuff is magic – a quick pick-me-up that gives a beautiful, healthy radiance to the skin. It’s great as a moisturiser if you have a really dry skin type, but exercise a little caution if you lean to the oily side. Consider using it on the cheekbones as you would a regular highlighter, with a much more subtle effect. Great if you love a J-Lo glow, but prefer your face to be a glitter-free zone.


217 BRUSH – $37

If you’re looking at investing in an eye shadow brush, make it a MAC 217. It’s the best blending brush I’ve ever used – it can lay down the colour on your lids nicely and its oval shape nestles perfectly into the socket line. Where this brush really shines is in the blending department – use a light hand and it really does all the blending for you. No hard work required, so NO excuses for unblended eye shadow with this one!



An oldie, but definitely a goodie. MAC Face and Body’s main advantage is that it provides a sheer, but very buildable coverage. Swipe it on with a light hand and it’s like a tinted moisturiser; the more you work it into the skin (with fingers or a brush) the more coverage it provides. I would say that you can work this into a decent medium coverage. Keep it light all over and add a little more product to areas that require it. It leaves a beautiful dewy finish and is designed to be used anywhere on the body. Extra fab on the décolletage and on the legs if you like showing off your pins!


Do you have any MAC faves? Add yours to the Comments section so I can print it out to take shopping on the weekend, you know, for research purposes.