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I’m always SO shocked when I see my 90’s crushes as grown ups. In my mind they stay exactly the same forever!

Monty by Monty
June 13th, 2016

I swear to god I started to have ‘those feelings’ in my body when I was sooooo young. I noticed boys and really liked boys from about the age of four. I vividly remember my best friend and I in Primary School following around this boy cause we thought he was gorgeous. What a little horn ball.

Then when Zack from Saved By The Bell came into my world via my TV screen, I knew I was a red hot blooded woman. I loved him so much. He and John Stamos where like gods to me and although I wouldn’t go on to kiss a boy until I was 16 (totally ‘frigid’), I loved boys hard from a far.

Today, while scrolling through the world wide web, as I do way too often to admit, I stumbled on an article on news.com of Zack aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar and what he looks like now. I literally said ‘holy shit’ out loud because he looks so bloody different.

In my mind these people stay EXACTLY the same as the last time I saw them, so when years and years go by and then all of a sudden a picture pops up, I get shocked that they’re actually indeed, totally human and they get older and hairy or hairless and it messes with my mind.

Naturally, we all get older and our looks change and I look NOTHING like I did as a 15-year-old so I’m not quite sure why I always get a shock. I guess cause in my mind people freeze. Same as all the kids I went to school with who I no longer see. To me, they’re still getting around in their uniforms and are 16-years-old.

To cast your mind back to the early 90’s, this was Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack in Saved By The Bell- SWOOOOON!


Fast forward to 2016 and this is Mark Paul Gosselaar now. No blonde coiffured locks in site.


For all you Mark fans out there…here is a brief update. He 42-years-old, has been married twice, and has four kids (two with each woman).

Did you love Mark-Paul? Who else was your fave back in the 90’s?