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It is something that makes me feel instantly connected to another woman

Monty by Monty
March 20th, 2016

I pinch myself regularly that I get to sit opposite women I admire and ask them really intimate questions.

Some of the women we have On The Couch I have met before we film the chat, but majority of them I have not.  Knowing the women well or meeting them 10 minutes before we record has never made a difference to the interview. There is something incredibly special and real about stripping the bullshit and dropping into a deep and meaningful conversation with another woman. The more interviews I do, the more I realise just how similar our fears, hopes, insecurities and wishes as women are.

Women from all different walks of life, with different backgrounds and upbringings still have a common connection.  We are all chicks, living our lives, doing the best we know how to.

There are somethings that connect us on a deeper level as well. These are the experiences we feel we share with another. Such as a marriage breakdown, having the same aged children, an absent father, or similar careers etc.

One thing that I have found that instantly connects me with other women is when they too, have experienced a miscarriage. This is something that many of us go through (one in four), and it is something that only as women we truly understand. My experience has differed to every woman I have spoken to and although not a ‘happy’ connection to have, it is still a powerful one.

When we speak openly about topics like this, we realise just how many of us are in a similar boat.

Just the other day I realised  how many incredible women have shared their stories about miscarriage On The Couch. I feel so proud that Show + Tell is an environment for these women to open about about things like this. Hearing someone elses story makes us all feel less alone and more connected.

I wrote a letter to the baby I never had here. And watch some brave, incredible women share their experiences below.