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Are your mornings #blessed? The hilarious ad poking fun at expectations of women in the morning…

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 23rd, 2016

My mornings are NEVER organised. No matter how early I get up – and that includes when I used to rise at 4.30am to write news – getting ready and out the door in the morning is always a complete and utter shit fight.

There are showers to be had, lunches to be made and teeth and hair to be brushed. I’m not sure WHY it takes my kids an hour to brush their teeth and get dressed, but like their mum, they’re clearly not morning people. There have been plenty of books written about the “magic” of the morning, how we should start the day doing meditations, exercise, journalling and some inspirational reading (WTF?), and I have no doubt that all those things would be awesome.

But seriously, who the hell has time for that stuff? Not me, that’s for sure. I am always yelling, “go, go, go” in the mornings to the kids, rushing around looking for the lost school shoe (which by the way, is ALWAYS under the couch, they just can’t be bothered crouching down to get it), shoving left-over toast into containers to eat on the way and negotiating that brain food will have to be an apple, because I ain’t got time to pull apart a pomegranate.

This ad for breakfast drink Organic Balance is so funny because it pokes fun at the ‘ideal’ mornings women are encouraged to have. Like all “ideals” they couldn’t be further from reality for many of us.

Have a laugh along…

Are your mornings crazy or are you able to carve out time for some “me” time?