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The incredible moment a mum hears her baby boy’s heart beating again inside a four-year-old girl

Stacey by Stacey
February 4th, 2016

Heather Clark lost her baby boy three years ago, he was only seven months old. He was allegedly killed by the hands of his babysitter’s boyfriend. Amidst her terrible heartbreak Heather made the courageous decision to donate Lukas’ organs to help save other children. One of those three children that was saved by her decision was four-year-old Jordan. She is now living with Lukas’ heart.

Beautiful baby Lukas

Beautiful baby Lukas

Heather never expected to hear her baby boys heartbeat again but this incredible video shows the moment little Jordan hands her the stethoscope so she can hear her sons heartbeat once again. As you can imagine Heather is overwhelmed, you can just feel the gut-wrenching sadness in her cry…but it is also a moment when we can all fully appreciate the act of selflessness from Heather that saved this little girl.

There are simple no words to describe this incredible moment. May little Lukas rest in peace and Jordan live a healthy full life in his honour.

Lukas died in hospital after complications from his injuries. The case is currently before the US courts.