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Do you think Offspring has lost its mojo?

Vanessa Cryer by Vanessa Cryer
July 16th, 2014

Like most chicks in Australia, I’m a devoted fan of Offspring. I’m not some Patrick-come-lately either, I’ve been in a serious relationship with the show from the very beginning. Whilst newer fans were left in WTF territory when Nina’s husband showed up again, I remembered that he used to blow things up. Yep, the show was crazy like that. What I’m saying is, we have history.

So I feel like I can speak with some sort of fan authority when I say that I’m starting to question whether my beloved Offspring has lost its mojo.

Before you start hauling me off to burn me at the stake for such blasphemy, let me try  and explain.

Last season in particular saw Nina & Co. in some of the most powerful Aussie TV we’ve seen. Billie’s downward spiral & the death of Patrick (OH GOD WHY!!) left us sobbing and the new season started just as strong. Believable, heartfelt, combining overwhelming sadness with humour – it was magical.


Lawrence in his perfect jumper

Then something shifted. Suddenly Mick has left Billie for some groupie (manager, whatever) & she’s shacking up with Nina’s counsellor, Lawrence, who I’m sorry could not seriously own that many perfectly-fitting sweaters. Where is Mick, with his casual checked shirts & understanding of Billie’s lovable craziness?? And if he was going to hook up with anyone, why wasn’t it Clare Bowditch’s Rosanna? Instead we’re left with Lawrence and his calm yet oh-so-smug way of trying to win Billie’s heart. This lady is spontaneous & speaks before she thinks, so why would she go for someone who’s always trying to shrink her??

Thankfully, TV Week is reporting that Mick will be back tonight – halle-freakin’-lujah!!

Even our resident sass-machine Kim has seemed at a bit of a loose end without Zara to bounce off. Jeez, even Jimmy’s got his shit together and is some sort of business mogul. WHAT.IS.HAPPENING?!

But for many of us watching (ok, me and a couple of my mates on Facebook) the real issue here is believing Thomas as a new love interest for Nina. We are talking ZERO chemistry, people. I get that they probably needed a guy who’s completely different to Patrick but sweet Jesus… there is just NO heat between these two. There’s more sexual tension between her and Clegg and that’s saying something!  And whilst their airport hook-up was a stretch to say the least, I have to admit that at least Leo is shaping as an interesting choice. He’s awkwardly awesome, and getting him to randomly ‘carry a watermelon’ like Baby did in Dirty Dancing was genius. So if I had to choose it’d be #teamleo all the way and that’s not just because I’ve loved DiCaprio for years.


Thomas & Nina

That is, unless they decide to bring back the swoon-worthy Don Hany as Dr Chris Havel.

Dr Chris was so perfect, it took a good season for Patrick to toy with my emotions. I’d watch the episodes and think “yeah c’mon new guy – impress me”.

There had been crazy rumours that Offspring producers weren’t even sure they were coming back for a sixth season.  But thankfully Channel Ten’s Head of Programming has confirmed that she definitely wants the Proudmans back in 2015.

“It is certainly our intention to keep going and to make that series last as long as possible and as long as people want to keep watching it.”

Yes we do – so long as they get their mojo back.

What do you think? Is Offspring still everything you loved about it?
Are you #teamthomas, #teamleo or neither?