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I am an only child and I will be more than okay

Abby Alexander by Abby Alexander
March 11th, 2016

It came to my attention recently that it is still socially unacceptable to have one child.

I was reading a piece written by Laura Jackel on this very site about how she, as a mother of one delightful five-year-old, still feels the daily stigma attached to only procreating once.

I see it every day, mothers who worry about their only child, and mothers who worry for other people’s only child. I have felt this first hand because I am an only child.

I have lost count how many times mothers, or mothers to be, have come to me with a concerned look on their face to ask if I ‘enjoy’ being an only child, and do I get ‘lonely?’. I know they are really wanting to ask if I know how to share my toys and be around other people properly. For the record I socialise fine and have nailed sharing, so nothing to stress about there.

Being an only child has never been an issue for me. If anything, I have seen it as a bit of a blessing.

Due to circumstances out of my mother’s control, I was the only child she could have. But I never felt I was missing out on anything. I was showered in love, not just from her, but from my grandparents as well, who had me as their only grandchild for most of my life. I was loved but not spoilt beyond repair.

child riding bike

I look back on my childhood and love my memories. I would have tea parties with all my dolls, play doctor with my mum and make up incredible dances in the living room while my adoring audience (mum, nan and pop) would watch on. I may not have had a brother or sister to steal clothes off, play make believe with or take turns doing the dishes with, but I loved being able to take the odd day off school to museums and theatre shows with Nan (No-one to whinge that they wanted a day off too). I also had friends to ride bikes with, go swimming with and have sleep over’s pretty much every weekend with,

If you have an only child rest assured your kid is and will be more than fine and for other’s mum’s who ever feel concern for the solo child in a family, no need to worry, we will share with your kids, promise.