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An open letter to my daughter

Meshel Laurie by Meshel Laurie
March 7th, 2016

I hope you will always know that girls who make you feel bad are crippled with self-doubt themselves and should be pitied, but never believed.

I hope you understand that privileged, western women who say they aren’t feminists are part of the problem.

I hope you never stop doing your bit to solve the problem.

I hope you’ll never grant sexual favours to the undeserving, (or underaged!)

Meshel's Daughter Dali

Meshel’s Daughter Dali

I hope you’ll make a great living at no one else’s expense.

I hope you won’t groan when you see my name as an incoming call.

I hope you’ll never fear other women, and won’t be too hurt by other women who do.

I hope your twenties will be a wild ride.

I hope you’ll love the shit out of someone, and he or she will love the shit out of you.

I hope you’ll find an exercise you actually enjoy.

I hope you’ll always recognise bullshit, no matter how badly everyone else around you wants to believe it.

I hope you’ll know how much you and your brother brought to my life and my work.

I love you little D, I hope you destroy the joint.


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