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I never knew my first job in an ice cream shop would lead to this…

Stacey by Stacey
March 10th, 2016

This post is sponsored by VicSuper’s Super Woman Money Program but is 100% my story and my thoughts. 

I got my first job the second it was legal, 14 and nine months. I was one of those brats that loved to work. I got addicted to the financial freedom my casual job at the local ice cream shop gave me (I seriously still think I have RSI from that job, endless scooping ain’t good for the wrist).

The pleasure I got from watching my pennies bank up and rubbing it in my older brother’s face was immense. I would spend the money on big time important stuff like t-shirts that had Sportsgirl written across the chest and mushroom pizzas from La Porchetta on a Friday night (and by that I mean…every Friday night, it was a little tradition Monty and I had).

That casual job at the ice cream shop set me up with a healthy relationship with money for life. I learnt early on that money equals freedom and independence, and obviously they are two things I value a lot.

Me, Monty and Brooke at our first officially team meeting before Show+Tell launched.

Monty, Brooke and I at our first official team meeting before Show+Tell launched.

My husband and I got together when we were only 18 years old, so we have navigated through grown up money stuff together.

When we had our first son I quickly realized that I was a control freak and wanted to be with him as much as possible. I went back to work part time but my heart wasn’t in it. It was then that I had to be truly okay with stepping off the money wheel and be at peace with my husband bringing in all the coin.

When my first son was about one-year-old, Monty came to me buzzing with an idea her and a friend Brooke were talking about. That little idea they were working on was Show + Tell. From day one we were all enthralled and slightly addicted with the possibility of what Show + Tell could be.

Talking it out with my husband, he could see that I was in no rush to work anywhere besides on this dream we planned on fulfilling. Starting Show + Tell had its financial disadvantages for sure. I know I could go out and get a job and make a lot more money than I currently do, but that is not where my heart is at anymore.

We created this site so we can be flexible with our hours, cause our kids are bloody needy and we also knew that if we put our blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of love into something, the financial benefits will one day follow. Surely???

For the time being our partners take the heavy lifting of the financial side. The younger me would probably have struggled with this, but the older (yuck) and wiser me knows that I need his financial support to help fulfill my dreams.

I will be encouraging my kids to get a job from the moment they are able to. I feel grateful for the lessons I learnt from working so young. I may be earning less now than I did when I was scooping ice creams, but for now that is more than fine. My heart is happy and one day I plan on my bank balance being show-off worthy again too. Sometimes you have to take risks and go a little off the beaten track and back yourself.

I truly think more women would be liberated and in control if we took more notice, interest and care of our finances, no matter how little the money coming in is. A wise friend of mine once said to me that even though you are in a relationship, you should handle your finances like you are single. This doesn’t mean not being a team player, it simply means taking a little more control and giving yourself a chance at security and financial stability. Easier said than done I know, but this really resonated with me.

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