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Being a mum to boys is bloody FULL ON…

Stacey by Stacey
March 15th, 2016

How incredible are genetics? And how bloody FULL on are BOYS?!?! I never tire of analysing the difference between girls and boys. I am a mother of two boys and an auntie of seven girls and the difference between them is astounding.

When I pick my son up from kinder and ask him how his day was or what he did, I always get the ‘good’ and ‘nothing’ cooment in return and he is only four, imagine when he is 16, I’ll be lucky to get a grunt back. When I pick my niece up from school their is not one second of silence. I’m not totally sure what once is worse.

When I watched this chat between Natarsha Belling and Monty On The Couch,  I was reminded of how different boys and girls are…and the things that make them tick. Natarsha draws comparison from an unlikely place when she compares raising boys to looking after a dog. It sounds crazy but seriously, think about it. It’s SPOT ON…You need to feed them, hug them, keep it real simple and run them. They don’t over think, they are truly simple creatures. And…the only time boys are still is when they’re asleep.

This chat is SO good – and for all of you mum’s out their that are parenting boys...we salute you.

 Are you parenting boys? Any tips we should know about as they grow older?