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I seriously LOVE being a mum but this is my reality.

Stacey by Stacey
August 24th, 2016

There is a shitload of things that have shocked me since having kids. There is absolutely no way anything anyone says to you that can fully prepare you for what parenthood is actually like. It is basically indescribable and not relatable – that is until it happens to you.

I’m one of those mums that doesn’t want to miss out on a thing when it comes to my kids. I go to every activity and as much as they drive me bonkers I want to be with them every waking minute. I feel like it’s what I was put on this earth to do and I feel lucky every day that we have been able to have two healthy little boys.

There are a few things that are unavoidable when you become a parent, this is a heads up for the future breeders and a piece you will totally relate to if you have mini humans in your home.

Me and my eldest son Raff.

Me and my eldest son Raff.

1. Relaxing will never be a part of your world again. The minute you get pregnant you’re either sick, uncomfortable and/or just worried that something is always wrong. Then when the rug rats come out to play they are 24/7. Sitting down in full relaxation NEVER happens again.

2. You will never enter a deep sleep again – basically you sleep with one eye open. I can hear my kids breathing from four rooms down. It’s like an innate sense of ‘someone’s going to steal my kid or they’re gonna choke’ constantly (I am slightly paranoid).

3. You will be tired for so long you will forget what it’s like to be rested. This is the downright truth.

4. You will love your kids harder than anything but you will also despise them harder than anything or anyone – and sometimes this happens within seconds of each other.

5. The mundane aspects of parenting can be down right depressing at times. The countless meals that you prepare (and fight over), the ‘witching hour’ routine of bath and bed is the PITS! And there are a shit ton more of these ‘mundane’ parenting things to fill your day.

6. Coordinating your schedules with your partners is the most annoying thing you will do every Sunday night and basically every day of your life. You’re in constant tag team mode…or simply passing ships in the night. To both have a life the scheduling of the household requires pin point precision.

7. No matter how hard you try there will be crumbs on every surface of your house. EVERY. WHERE! ALL. THE. TIME! You will constantly bend over and pick them up until you decide not to give a shit any more.

8. The things you once hated doing become your fave things to do. Like going to the supermarket alone, or going to the gym, gardening, washing your car and pretty much any chore you used to despise. Sad but true.

Did I miss anything? And PS…kids are cute sometimes too (just sometimes 😉