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This is what scares me about my little boy going to school

Stacey by Stacey
April 1st, 2016

One of my friends was telling me the other day about how her little girl was being bullied at kinder.  As she was trying not to cry while filling me in, my stomach churned and my heart literally felt heavy. I have two little boys and I know at some point they will experience other kids being unkind to them. I really hope they don’t get bullied or be the bullies, it is one of my worst parenting fears.

I am a control freak so the scariest part of being a parent for me is not being able to control what happens when my boys aren’t with me. I know this may sound helicopter-ish and maybe it is a little BUT I was a kid once so I know kids can be jerks to each other. I didn’t experience bullying first hand but I was aware when it was going on and it was awful.

I know I have to be confident in what I have already taught my children about how to treat others. I need to sit back and settle in the fact that my boys will hopefully know what information to hold on to and what information to discard in the playground. But I can tell you one thing, my kids leaving the nest to go to school really scares the shit out my me.

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What scares you the most about being a parent?