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Welcome to a “safe space”- Monty shares a lil something

Stacey by Stacey
May 1st, 2015

This post is brought to you by Kangatraining

You are entering a safe space. If you continue reading you are committing to minimising your judgement, snickering and revolution. Deal?

Cue safe space music. Inhale, exhale.

Hello, my name is Monty and the other day while jumping on the trampoline with my 3-year-old, I wet my pants.

Yes you read that right, my 3-year-old is potty trained better than me.037

Please allow me to explain. I didn’t wee enough to get the tramp damp, it was more a bounce, bounce, bounce, “woops I just did a bit of wee in my pants”. Quickly followed by a mad dash to the loo and a quick dacks change.

I have never had the strongest pelvic floor but after bebe number two, that bad boy needs some serious TLC.

I am not one to be shamed solo so please allow me to out my best mate Stace with her incontinence too. After also having two kids, if she laughs too much… she wee’s.

Seriously, how lucky are our partners. We are so hot!

After sharing wee stories, Stace and I decided to do something about it. Being time poor mamma’s with little leeches (aka our kids) hanging off us 24/7, we have minimal spare minutes to exercise (aka strengthen those weak pelvic floors), so we decided to try some training that would help us in this department and allow us to bring our mini humans.

Insert Kangatraining. The women that run these classes have a fiery passion for giving mums a fun and safe postnatal workout. The main focus is to include babies in the exercises, restrengthen the core, pay attention to great posture, safe babywearing and of course, pelvic floor. Stace and I took our little men along for a workout, which the babes found hilarious and….we worked up a good sweat (and had a good catch up too…which can be rare these days).

Our babes loved it. They were strapped safely to our chests in baby carriers, which they bloody loved and it gave us a little extra weight to work with. After one session my butt is Kardash like.

The bonus to training like this is the women running the sessions know how far they can push you so you get a good workout but don’t hurt your lady bits. It’s a fun and a judgement free environment where you do anything from squatting to salsa-ing like J-lo with your babe in tow.

You don’t have to have pant-wetting problems to attend, if you are totally potty trained you are more than welcome too.



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