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For the last two days this is all I have thought about…

Stacey by Stacey
November 29th, 2014

It’s only been two days since the passing of Phillip Hughes but I haven’t thought about much else since I heard the news. I can’t stop thinking about the moment he was struck and the moments just after. Also, how his family and bowler Sean Abbott are managing to make any sense of this tragic accident when not even I can. It has rocked me to the core along with many of you I’m sure.

I have played competitive team sports my whole life. I moved to America to play college Lacrosse at 17-years-old and have represented my state and country in a sport that can be rough and at times dangerous.  I was in many hairy situations, both on the receiving end and giving end…but never in my wildest dreams did I think a life could have possibly been lost on the field.Sport is supposed to be a safe place for kids to grow confidence and have a reason to stay on the right path, a place for life lessons to be learned and shared. A place for rare bonds to be formed that become as strong as family.

I would do anything for my teammates both on and off the field. We have an understanding with each other that no one else could ever comprehend. An understanding of the sacrifices, the hard work, the unbelievable highs and the devastating lows.

My heart breaks for everyone involved but mainly for Sean Abbott.  He has to live with the loss of a mate, and one who died because of something they have both done every day of their lives.

Mates win together and lose together…as I did many times with my teammates, but this isn’t what losing together means. This isn’t what sport is supposed to look like. May he rest in peace.

This is Michael Clarke’s beautiful tribute to his incredible team mate. If you have a cricket bat and a hat, pay tribute to Phillip by placing it on your front door step.

Has Phillips death really rocked you too?