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There are two types of people- The poppers and the non poppers

Monty by Monty
April 21st, 2016

As humans we fall firmly into one of  two categories. Those who love to pop pimples and watch pimples being popped, and those who don’t want anything to do with this act.

I’m one of the people who live on the correct side of the pimple popping fence, I BLOODY LOVE it.

I’m one of those sickos that loves the odd spot on my face so I can tackle it and obsessively play with it in the mirror. Nothing feels quite as satisfying as a nice big POP! I know, I know, bad for the skin, it’ll scar, I’ve heard it all before and it will not stop me from doing it!

Since you have read this far I can safely assume you are one of my people? However, if you are not, I suggest you bow out now.

I’m not only partial to popping my own pimps, I beg and plead with my boyfriend to let me loose on his pimples. It feels like Christmas when he gives into my harping and lets me attack it. Ingrown hair pop-ups are up there with my fave. The pop followed by a long double looped hair almost turns me on. (Not quite, but man it’s fabulous).

I have spent many hours You-Tubing with fellow friends who are popping lovers. During one of our pimple popping votex’s the other night we stumbled upon PURE GOLD!

I have no idea how we ended up in this place, but we were terribly thrilled the tube path lead us to this place. What we ended up watching for a good hour (wish I was joking) were people popping their tonsils stones. Whaaaat? TONSIL STONES!

Tonsil stones are clusters of calcified material that form in the crevices of the tonsils. They are whitish, yellowish little stones of foulness that when pushed on POP out of the tonsil.

I felt nauseas while watching these vids yet I could NOT look away. I warn you that this is taking the pimple popping obsession to a whole new level. This is not for everyone… only the cool kids. DON’T WATCH WHILE EATING!