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It’s time everyone learnt to lie to pregnant women

Stacey by Stacey
March 26th, 2014

Let me just start by saying that in life, I am certainly not small and definitely not petite. I would more often probably be described as ‘sporty’ so it’s no surprise to me that I carry a good size bump when I’m pregnant…but apparently it’s a massive surprise to everyone else.

Apart from the fact that I eat McDonald’s once a week, white bread toasted cheese sandwiches’, magnum’s and Cadbury chocolate blocks on a weekly basis (or daily…shhh) I really don’t think there is much I can do about how I carry a baby bump. So, why do people feel the need to tell me it’s abnormally large AND especially coming from people who have had their own kids and should know better right?

I have had two kids and am now pregnant with number three and ALL THREE TIMES the comments about my size came at me thick and fast. I took them with a grain of salt, but was and still are just a tad shocked that people think it’s okay to say these types of things to me or any other preggo out there. We wouldn’t comment on someones weight if they weren’t pregnant so why all of a sudden when we become pregnant do people feel like it’s free reign to comment?

Here are five things that are CONSTANTLY said to me at the moment that I believe should NEVER be said to a pregnant woman.

My two babes - Raff and Jarvie.

My two babes – Raff and Jarvie.

“Wow, are you sure they got your due date right?”

“I almost didn’t recognise you”

“Are you sure you’re not having twins”

“You’re massive” or “that thing is BIG”

“You don’t look at all what I expected you to look like when you’re pregnant”

I mean, SERIOUSLY? Of course the docs had my bloody due date right, and YES I would have know if I was having twins and the real ripper in all this is “I almost didn’t recognise you”…really?  That’s just, well…seriously, I’m speechless!

After all of my pregnancy experiences (I have 11 weeks to go) I will pledge right here right now that I will never comment on how another woman carries her bambino EVER– unless it’s gorgeously positive of course.

The bottom line is that we all need to learn to lie to a pregnant woman. They are about to push a baby out, are incredibly uncomfortable and their hormones are going a little bonkers. So please, if you see a pregnant lady on the street tell them they look like a babe (and god forbid if you ever see me pregnant again, just run the other way). Even if you’re lying it will make that woman very happy.

Did people comment on your body when you were pregnant? What did they say?