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FOUR things that make Christmas Day awesome!

Stacey by Stacey
December 16th, 2015

This post is sponsored by Australia Post but these are truly traditions in my house and I love that I get to share them with you.

I’ve always loved Christmas, but now that I have my own little gorgeous albeit pesky family it really is the bee’s knees. I get to relive it all through their sparkly little present hungry eyes.

My boys are nearly five and two years old so Christmas is a seriously big deal in our home. I kid you not, the other day my eldest asked for the Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD to be put on. What have I done to these boys?

My mum and our extended family were always up for making little traditions in our home around this time of year. Now they have become a part of my DNA and now I subconsciously do them with my family so hopefully they too will pass on to the next generation. Here are some of the things that only happen around Christmas time for us. I don’t want to push my family traditions on you but I’m telling you, at least the first one is worth giving a crack.

1. Croissants and Mimosa’s for brekky – get the champagne glasses OUT! There is nothing better than hot croissants with champagne and OJ to get your day started with a bang. You can’t rip out mimosas too often because people will start to talk but Christmas morning has NO rules. My tip is to sip. We have had some sore heads in our home before lunch even arrives. Not pretty.

2. Get a family member to dress up as Santa – of course the kids love it and we say it’s for them, but really the adults LOVE this. Seeing an old mate uncomfortable and sweating to death is pure entertainment for your eyeballs. Nuff said.

3. Disguise the pressies in cute shaped boxes and cool wrapping – You will thank me for this later people. I remember being a little girl so bloody excited that I barely slept a wink…I would sneak out of my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning to see what my Santa sack looked like (and to make sure I got what I asked for). Often the shape of the items gave it away and I was either buzzing with excitement or truly pissed off at what was in my Santa sack.

My kids are too little to know that they can sneak out and check, they’re too bloody scared that they will run into the big fat man cruising through their house. But I will be starting this ‘disguised wrapping’ tradition this year…funny wrapping and weird little shaped boxes will adorn my lounge room. The kids will think Santa has turned into Martha Stewart.

Disguised wrapping options from Australia Post.

Disguised wrapping options from Australia Post.

4. Buy a new Christmas decoration every year so your tree marks a new year you’ve had as a family. We love this tradition and it makes for an eclectic (and yes sometimes very ugly) tree with a boatload of character and stories to match.

If you want another hot tip from one Christmas lover to another. Australia Post have an awesome ‘Disguised Packaging’ range that helps you keep your presents a surprise and your loved ones guessing even if they steal a sneak peek. Check out their range of ways to disguise your pressies this year here.

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