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The HILARIOUS things we ALL did to make friends back in the 90s

Stacey by Stacey
August 1st, 2016

Being a kid in the 90s was so bloody good on pretty much every level…from MC Hammer pants, to New Kids On The Block, to fan girling over Jonathon Taylor Thomas…we had it all back then.  Fellow 90s kids had more than just a cute little selfie to offer their friends in the school yard. They had stuff – and bloody good stuff.

Here’s some of the epic stuff I used to help me grab a few gal pals back in the 90s school yard days…I bet you gave this a good crack too?

1. Sharing your Dunakaroo’s made you a hot commodity in the playground – my lunchbox was pretty bloody good. I always had a bag of chips and two-squares of Cadbury choc but when I got my mits on Dunkaroos it changed the ball game. Share that shit like confetti and the friends came a runnin‘.

Marbles contests - THE BEST!

Marbles contests – THE BEST!

2. Invite to play and swap Marbles – now this is genius. Remember the speckies? I do, I wanted them so bad. I remember taking the challenge to play my friends in marbles and if you won you got to keep the marble. It made for an uncomfortable moment when one of us lost but it certainly made you feel pretty bloody good if you had the EPIC marble that everyone wanted and then of course EVERYONE wanted to play you for it. The power…the power was REAL.
3. Buy someone a slap band – How bloody good were slap bands? Whenever I had extras I would offer them to my friends so we could be twinning. It was ace and super fun to swap and share.
4. Comment on someone’s scrunchies – this was always a winner. My friends bloody loved scrunchies and some of my friend’s mums even made them from scratch so they had bucket loads of them. Each day was a new one. Ohhhhhh the jealousy and admiration for those bloody scrunchies.
5. That moment when you pass the ‘nit test’  – just picture the moment a ‘nit checker’ entered your primary school room…Immediately your head got itchy and you were struck with a significant bout of anxiety thinking about the potential chance you would get caught with nits in your head. When you didn’t it was like winning the lottery and the entire school was your friend. It was honestly like you were proven to be clean, so you were friendship worthy.