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The ONE awkward conversation you have to have with the men in your life

Brooke by Brooke
August 3rd, 2015

This piece is brought to you by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Cancer seriously sucks. We are all touched by it in some way, if not directly, we know someone who is battling with the bitch. It is all forms of unfair. Seriously cancer, when will you get it? We don’t like you; you are so not welcome to the party. Ever!

I know we hear a lot about cancer in our day to day lives, stats are reeled off a lot and it often goes in one ear and out the other; but I heard something alarming yesterday that made me feel a bit panicky.

Over 20,000 Aussie men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. That is not worldwide, that is just in Australia. That number is insane. I have a partner who I am rather fond of and together we have spawned two boys, that is three prostates living under my roof. I can’t help but look at them and think how huge that number is and how my worst fear is for any of them to become a cancer statistic.

In the early stages of prostate cancer there are no symptoms, the only way to know if you could be at risk is to go to the doctor and be tested. But most of the gents in my world avoid going to the doctor like the plague, especially when it comes to talking to their GP about “down there”.

The subject of ‘the prostate’ feels a little taboo. People know that it is somewhere in the nether region so it can sometimes be made in to a joke.  The thing is, it ain’t a joke. Cancer is the furthest thing from fun so we need to get the prostate chat amongst our men cranking.


We dames talk about our boobs to no end, but men talking about the little walnut sized gland that lives near their bladder and penis is not on the top of their favourite topics list.

I understand why men don’t jump at the thought of getting their prostate checked but it has to be something they simply suck up and do. A quick check could literally save their life.

We need to encourage all the men in our lives to take their health seriously and if they are over 50 (or 40 with a family history) they need to talk to their doctor about prostate cancer risk and testing as part of their annual health check-up.

I literally busted my dad’s balls all the way to the doctors. He had NEVER had his checked. More than 3,300 Australian men die from this each year. It was a few moments of chit chat while the doctor did his bizz and then he was out of there. It was painless, quick and easy.

So here is a little idea for you. This September marks Prostate Cancer Awareness Month; the perfect time to grab all the wonderful gents in your life and bring them together for the annual Big Aussie Barbie fundraiser. You can eat, drink and bring up the conversation about prostate cancer and how important it is for them to get checked.


Sign up your own Big Aussie Barbie right here and help the PCFA raise $2 million so they can continue to invest in world class research, raise awareness of prostate cancer and support men and their families affected by the disease.

Grab your friends, start up the Barbie and get the conversation happening. We have got to bring that scary stat down.