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This is what I really miss about being kid

Monty by Monty
November 3rd, 2015

Watching my two young  son’s confidently cruise around like they own the joint makes me kind of miss the carefree ways of being so young.

I’m envious of the simple things that entertain children, like twisting a bottle top onto a bottle or picking leaves off a tree. Imagine being totally and utterly thrilled by simple things like that? It bores me silly just witnessing them do these things, but in their little world it’s the best thing ever!

There are some things I really miss about being a kid. You couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to go back and re-live it all, but it’s nice to remember some of the times that seriously rocked when you were a kid.

Here are five things that we just don’t do as an adult any more and I miss…

Monty's nudist son Baxter.

Monty’s nudist son Baxter.

1. My son would be happy to never ever ever have his undies on. I mean never. He literally runs as fast as his half-meter legs will carry him whenever I suggest it’s pants time. How liberating is that? Not caring about whom see’s what your mamma gave you or having zero body hang-ups.  I remember the days when having pants on or off was no big deal. If it was hot and you wanted to take your kit off, you just did it. I’m not saying we make sans pants acceptable for adults but the freedom of no knickers is something I miss big time. Eating ice cream on the couch while watching a movie butt naked just doesn’t happen any more. We really only have about four solid years of this behaviour.

2. I miss slumbers with my friends. I was a junkie for the sleep over. I would have friends lined up for months in advance to ensure each weekend consisted of at least a Friday or Saturday all night giggle fest with a buddy. Occasionally my mum would drive us to the local milk bar to buy some lollies for a ‘midnight feast’. The point being to go to sleep and wake up at midnight and devour the sugary goodness. This was never successful. The sherbet bombs and milk bottles would be lucky if they lasted the car ride home from the shop. The innocence of top to tailing in a single bed and gossiping about the boys at school was pure innocent ecstasy. The bed sharing that happens these days is when my offspring hops in at the crack of dawn and thinks my head is a pillow. It’s just not really the same.

milo3. Remember when having a shower, finishing your dinner or being asked to go to bed felt like your parents hated you. They held all the power when it came to these decisions and it was infuriating. However, the upside to being forced to eat veggies, take a shower and catching some zed’s was the bribery that came with it. How wonderful getting cold coins to eat a piece of broccoli or a massive bowl of vanilla ice cream and Milo if you cleaned your skin? If only the bribing system happened as an adult. If every time you took out the bins, cooked dinner and successful managed to keep your kid alive for the day you were rewarded with nice wine, cash and tropical holidays. They are the adult equivalents to ice cream and lose change.

4. It’s so bloody hard to catch up with people in adult land. There is nothing more annoying than having to book weeks in advance for a dinner so everyone can make it. When you were a kid and the school bell would ring at 3.30 you were as free as a bird to do what you liked. Combining schedules with your friends did not exist. You could go over and play that very afternoon if you liked. No appointments or meetings or family commitments. Just FREE TIME. Imagine that?

The ‘pop in’ was also a big part of my childhood. You could simply walk over to a friends house unannounced, ring the door bell, go in and hang out for a bit then go home again. I freak out now when my doorbell rings and I’m not expecting a guest.  The unannounced pop in’s are a thing of the pre-mobile past.

scott5. One of the last things I really miss about being young and carefree is the Neighbours and Home and Away nightly combo. Every week day night would religiously consist of Neighbours at 6.30 followed by The bay at 7pm. It was an hour of soapie bliss.

It was simply un-Australian not to gorge on this combo nightly. Seeing Charlene and Scott get married followed by Pippa’s husband Tom dying in a car crash was a perfect way to spend a night. It’s a crying shame that we out grow these kinds of shows. It feels unfair that when we mature we lose love for such fabulousness.

As much as I do look back on these times with super fond memories, I am more than happy to re-live them vicariously through my little men. Except for the bribery one. I really want an adult rewards system put in place.

What do you miss most about being a kid?