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THIS is how to pic the perfecto Rosé… Wanker wine chat about to commence

Monty by Monty
June 24th, 2016

I’m not a big drinker at all. I look at wine and tend to get a migraine. It is a big old boring problemo cause wine is EVERYTHING! Especially when you have small kids that give you the shits. I am all about numbing the pain with liquid goodness.

When I do have a glass of vino I want it to be so delicious that I can savour every sip and my current wine crush is on Rosé. I will sacrifice my head to sip on the pinky goodness. It’s more of a summer vino but I ain’t fussy and will sip it year round.

Nothing gives me the shits more than when I order a glass of Rosé or take a punt on a bottle and it’s so sweet that it makes my jaw ache and my face screw up like I’ve sucked on a lemon. Nice wine is essential and throwing back wine you’re not enjoying is a waste of time.

I know little to nothin about wine, however, I read three great tips on how to pick the perfecto Rosé and felt it was my duty to share these with you.


TIP 1: The colour tells you a million things – The lighter the Rosé is…the peachy/pinky colour, the dryer the wine. The darker and cherry colour looking ones are sweeter. In my opinion wayyyyyy to sweet.

Tip 2: Newer is the way to go – Rosé does not get better with age. Try get one from the year we are currently in.

Tip 3: Massive wine wanker tip here – pick French when you can, they make a perfecto Rosé.

Wine wanker chat over on my behalf.

What is the best Rosé you’ve had?

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