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YES, Yes I will colour in Ryan Gosling’s bits

Vanessa Cryer by Vanessa Cryer
April 13th, 2015

Watch out 50 Shades of Grey, there is a new book craze happening and both men and women are indulging in it all over the place. On the train, at the park, during their lunch hour or some find it easier to really let loose in the privacy of their own home.

In fact, your own mother could be enjoying its contents as we speak.

Get your mind out of the gutter,  I’m talking about a colouring book.

Wait, what??!

That’s right, the new adult craze has nothing to do with whips and chains but the lost and simple art of colouring in.

Care BearsI was never any good at art and was utterly useless when it came to freestyle drawing, but put my favourite Garfield or Care Bears colouring books in front of me with my box of Derwent pencils and I was unstoppable. I made colouring inside the lines my bitch.

In a world overtaken by technology, artist Johanna Basford has rediscovered this simple art of colouring in and people all over the world are embracing it with her.

It took Johanna just over nine months to develop Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt, a 96 page colouring book for adults filled with intricate black and white images of flowers, trees and birds. She has now sold over 1.4 MILLION copies around the world and has recently topped Amazon’s bestsellers list. I am a stationary junkie, so now I have an excuse to display my array of pencils and crayons and be part of a new trend. This is MEGA exciting!!

When you colour in you start to zone out and not worry about anything or anyone else and suddenly remember what it feels like to just PLAY. It’s not brain training like crosswords or Sudoku (Yuck). You feel like your brain is switching off when in fact its lighting up all those parts that you might not have used in a loooooong time. Psychologists have gone on record about the benefits of colouring in, saying that it stimulates brain activity that relates to motor skills and relaxes the part of the brain that is affected by stress.

Facebook pages and Pinterest boards are popping up where people are proudly displaying their creations and getting tips on the best materials to use. (Umm, it’s all about Derwents. The end)

There’s even been a crop of colouring in groups forming across the country, where people are getting together just to colour.

penIt’s SO popular that a new wave of colouring books for adults have started to appear – everything from a Tattoo Colouring Book to the A-Z of Kink. For movie buffs like me there are Colour Your Own Classic Movie Posters or Thrill Murray, which has a bunch of scenes from Bill Murray movies to personalise. Or you could try some Meditative Mandalas if you want to get a bit spiritual.

My personal favourites are the series of Colour Me Good books that focus on everything from your favourite hip-hop artists to one entirely made up of Ryan Gosling sketches. That’s right, you can literally create your own dreamboat. SO GOOD.

The best part of this craze is there is no right or wrong way to colour in. It lifts your spirits and encourages you to use your imagination. There are no deadlines, no rules to follow and it’s cheap as!!

So the next time you pick up a glass of wine to de-stress, why not pick up some colouring pencils too?

Are you partial to colouring in Ryan Gosling?