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La la ladies, I’m told we ALL need these lil sex toys…

Monty by Monty
June 7th, 2015

We don’t talk about sex toys much in our day to day lives do we? They make me feel a little awkward too, but I decided to do some research and share with you some must have’s. When I say I ‘researched’ I just googled, that’s it…so get that visual out of your mind.

Below are five must have or try toys for your vagina (let’s try and be mature here).


Have you ever heard of these? Wow, these bad boys get a great wrap. Apparently these little balls are something every woman should treat herself to.

sex toys

Luna Beads

You slip these pretty little things up your vagina (sorry, no nice way to say it). They come in different sizes and they respond to your movements.

If you wear them often, they can bring on stronger and longer orgasms. The beads are like a personal trainer for your va jay- jay. The thing is NO one knows you are wearing them, so you can pop them up and no one will be the wiser.


Again, NO IDEA what this was but apparently another must have in your undie drawer.

sex toys

Crave Duet

This one is for clitoral stimulation. It is multi-speed, waterproof, re-chargeable…and nice and quiet. Two separate motors  ‘hug’ the clitorus gently and create a ‘surround sound’ type of pleasure. It also comes with a pretty leather case, bonus.


This is a pretty one isn’t it? I have definitely been superficial with this choice, I mean a vibrator with gold parts? Um yes please!

sex toys


Apparently this is little lady isn’t just about good looks. The curves on the Soraya help with a little G-spot stimulation, while the clitoral attachment works on well… the clit. There are three speeds and five patterns. It is easy to hold onto as well with the little inbuilt handle. Pretty!


I will never look at lemons the same again. This one is all about squeeze technology. The harder your squeeze, the more powerful the vibration and the better the outcome.

sex toys

Minna Limon

No buttons or setting, just squeeze and go. This one also has a memory so you can record and replay any pattern that floats your boat.


Who doesn’t want a vibrator made of 24K gold? This pricey little toy (around $300) is almost silent and super slender in profile.

sex toys

Jimmyjane Gold

The motor is replaceable so you can have her as a life long pal.

Have fun ladies…