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These eight ads just won the Sheryl Sandberg award for gender equality

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
June 25th, 2015

The Glass Lion is a new award this year at the Cannes Lions for Ads that is given to eight advertisements around the world that smash stereotypes and contribute to the cause of gender equality.

The award is backed by all time fabulous lady CCO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg and her company LeanIn.org. These incredible ads address important issues such as wage equality, period taboos, domestic violence, women’s jiggly bits and men not being able to express vulnerability like women. And well…we bloody love it…every single one of them.

Menstruation brand Always was recognised for it’s fab ad Like A Girl that first screened at the Superbowl:

This Girl Can by Sport England, tells woman to appreciate their jiggly bits while participating in exercise:

This ad by the National Women’s Law Center starring Sarah Silverman as a self confessed vagina owner, aims to get women angry about the wage gap. Warning – Graphic Content:

The UN Women campaign Give Mom back her name addresses the taboo in Egypt against men uttering their mother’s name:

This Uruguayan International Women’s Day advertisment focuses on men being able to do all the things women do like show vulnerability, be with other men or just not have to think about boobs all the time:

This Lebanese women’s rights campaign is about the lack of laws in Lebanon that protect women from domestic violence and how to help change this:

Indian laundry detergent company Ariel’s Share the Load encourages men to do their fair share of domestic chores:

The winner of the Grand Prix was pad brand Whisper with an ad campaign that challenges the taboos around menstruation in India. The ad is called Touch the Pickle after an Indian folklore which believes a menstruating women cannot touch the pickle jar as the pickles inside will rot:

What’s your favourite ad?