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When I’m really tired this weird thing pops up on my face EVERY time

Monty by Monty
September 23rd, 2015

When you are tired, do you have any physical changes? Besides the normal bags under the eyes and eye lids that want to fuse shut on you?

For ages now I have this weird little red vein that shows up under my right eye whenever I am extra tired. It fades when I am rested and then turns on like a fluro beacon when I am exhausted.

My mum also has something similar. When she was younger she got a birthmark removed from her upper lip. You can’t really see the tiny scar unless she is tired. The one centimetre little cut like scar turns dark grey when she is running on empty. The scar changes colour so much that a few times people have told her she has food on her face. Poor mum.

It’s so odd how our bodies do weird things when we are tired.

We can cover ours up with makeup but it is almost a nice little reminder to SLOW down, but I would prefer the reminder not to be on my mug though.

Does anything physical happen to you when you are tired?

Check out the pic below, extremely flattering I know, please try not to be jealous of my beauty. M x

Red Vein of tiredness

Red Vein of tiredness