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Ladies Who Business with… Colly Galbiati of Soma Organics

Monty by Monty
April 9th, 2014

It ain’t a bad feat to be only 30-years-old, have your own booming business and get asked to feed the world’s biggest celebs back stage at The Oscars! THE OSCARS!

Soma bites are  a 100% certified organic fusion of nuts and seeds, free from gluten dairy, preservatives and refined sugar and they are YUM!

Husband and wife team, Colly and Ricky started  Soma Organics in a food processor in their own kitchen just over a year ago. Now their superfood snacks are stocked in health food stores, gourmet grocers, cafes and now Woolworth’s.

Colly is a business women and mamma to a little girl. She has created a strong brand with her husband and they are going from strength to strength with this new business baby of theirs. We picked Colly’s brain about Soma Organics.

Where did the idea for Soma Organics come from?

I’ve always been health-minded and lived a well-rounded healthy lifestyle but the true catalyst for starting the business occurred after I fell pregnant. As every mother understands, it is an honour to bring life into the world. Your life suddenly becomes far more important than it was ever been perceived. This is where my awareness towards nurturing my body with wholesome and clean foods grew. I began to re-educate myself in this area and during this process I noticed a huge gap for certified organic snack foods on the market.

Soma organics

You started making your product in your own kitchen, what are the main differences of how Soma organics was run then to now?

For a start, I don’t physically produce the product anymore which was never long term but how we had to get the business off the ground. All production is now out-sourced to a certified organic food manufacturer and I manage operations externally. I can now devote my time to product development, business development, marketing, building business relationships etc.


You run Soma Organics with your husband, what are the pro’s and con’s of this?

I don’t see many cons to this! We are an incredible team bringing different strengths to the table. My husband still works full time as an IT Engineer so we aren’t physically together all day which means we spend most weekday evenings working on the business. In fact, building our own company has brought us even closer together.

Soma Oragnics


What advice do you have for other people who decide to work with family?

  • Know when to switch off from ‘work mode’
  • Know each other strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn the difference between work and personal matters

What are three things you think you need to be really clear on before starting your own business?

  • Know your passion
  • Have a plan but be FLEXIBLE
  • Get ready for some hard (but fun!) work

How did you get your products back stage at THE OSCARS?

We were approached by a company that provides food and beverage products in the backstage area of major events in the USA. As more and more celebrities request the availability of health foods, they found our product online, loved the packaging and wholesome ingredients and the rest is history!

Thank you Colly, we wish you and your husband and Soma organics all the best. xx