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He secretly filmed his single mum to get her a date…

Abby Alexander by Abby Alexander
May 16th, 2015

YouTuber Alex Norgay has set out to find his mum a gorgeous man to love. As he tells his YouTube subscribers ‘My mother is single, and she deserves a good man.’ And so Alex has set out to find his mother exactly that.

Over the past year he has captured sneaky recordings of his mother in all her beauty and created a video showcasing her to the world, before showing his mother and posting both her reaction and the video itself on his YouTube channel. At the time this was written the video had attracted over 1.88 million views.

This guy clearly loves his mumma and hopes that she will soon find someone she loves to grow old with.

Checkout his creation here, it is just gorgeous!

Would you do this in an effort to find love?