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We have all done this many times. I will not ever again.

Brooke by Brooke
October 9th, 2014

How many times have you had one bevvie with pal’s and then jumped in your wheels and driven your tush home? If, like me, the answer it lots, then, also like me, you will be surprised to know that this could be enough to put you over the limit.

One glass of wine? Yep. That can be all it takes. ONE GLASS OF WINE???

Because I am pregnant at the moment I’m finding myself the designated driver all the time (so much fun!). I am allowing myself one glass of vino a week to maintain my sanity. I usually will have said glass of wine with my friends on a weekend then drive home and think nothing if it.

I naively had no idea one glass could potentially put me over the legal driving limit, but I was so wrong. To think that I have been putting not only my life, but my mango (that is the apparent size of my baby this week) at risk is pretty horrifying.

There are many factors that affect blood alcohol levels such as gender, weight, the state of your liver and even how fit you are. So it makes it pretty tricky to know if what you have thrown back is too much.

The drinks we are handed and sip on while shovelling dip and chip in over a friendly chat are often more than one standard drink.

One mid strength beer or one small glass of wine is usually okay, but something like a martini or margarita can often be equivalent to 2-3 standard drinks.

If you’re in Victoria, from now on, if you’re driving over the legal limit, apart from being fined and losing you license, you may be forced to have an alcohol interlock fitted to your.  (While the interlock is specific to Victoria, similar concepts are in place in other states so check your state government website to view the laws against drink driving and penalties applicable.)

An alcohol interlock stops vehicles from being started if the driver has been drinking. They are proven to reduce drink-driving by up to 64 per cent while they are fitted. In fact, in Victoria alone, they have prevented people affected by alcohol from driving their vehicles 250,000 times. Amazing. That is a quarter of a million people who have hopped in the car thinking it was perfectly safe for them to drive when it wasn’t.

I’m not sure about you but I don’t know if that extra glass of sparkly is worth the hassle of having one of those bad boys fitted to your car?  Not exactly cool when you need to drive your boss to a meeting, drop your Gran at an appointment or pick the kids up from school.

To check out just how embarrassing and inconvenient it is, watch this:

The best way to avoid this being your reality is just jump in a bloody cab if you want to drink? It’s pretty simple and the bottom line is it could save your life and the peeps you love.

  • I’ve teamed up with TAC to raise awareness about Alcohol Interlocks and the crackdown on repeat drink drivers. Why did I jump at the chance to be involved with this campaign? Because it’s bloody important. It affects me and every single person I know. I love my friends and family and I want them around. Can you think of a better reason?