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Are your kids eating too much sugar?

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
March 17th, 2016

We all know sugar is bad for our kids but sometimes there’s just so much to think about as a parent that giving into a sugary treat is just such an easy way to reward your kids – and avoid a tantrum. We have to pick our battles every now and then.

I’ve been guilty of this SO many times. If you go to the toilet you can have a lollipop, good work for sleeping all night in your own bed and not getting up – I’m putting a choccy bikkie in your lunch box. You know the drill.

And let’s not even start with trying to deny your kids sugar at a birthday party when 20 of their closest friends are tucking into a table filled with sugar-only options. Sometimes it feels like there are just so many parenting battles to fight, and I’m way too tired to fight them all.

However Jamie Oliver, maker of delicious food and author of very cool cookbooks, is on a mission to make us realise just how bad sugar is for our kids. He says it’s our government’s responsibility to do something about it by passing a ‘sugar tax.’

Australia is in world’s top ten countries for soft drink consumption per capita and apparently soft drink is the WORST sugar offender of them all. If you drink one 600ml soft drink once a day for a year you will consume 23 kilograms of sugar. Okay, that’s crazy.

drinking sugar

Jamie has long been campaigning for a ‘sugar tax’ especially on soft drinks in the UK and it has finally happened. The Government in the UK have announced they’re instituting a tax on sugary drinks from 2018 to tackle childhood obesity.

Jamie’s pretty excited about this and he thinks it’s about time Australia followed suit too, saying in a livestream on Facebook, that Australia needs to “pull your finger out” and get a ‘sugar tax’ going.

And it’s highly possible considering a 2015 survery said that 85% of Australians would support a sugar tax levy being spent on anti-obesity measures.

I’ve never given my children soft drink in their lives and after those frightening stats I’m not going to start anytime soon. And maybe next I’ll put a sticker in the lunch box as a reward instead of a sugar filled treat.

Would you support a sugar tax?