syrian baby
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The video that made us drop our jaws and hug our kids tighter

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
August 23rd, 2016
syrian baby

When I was nine months pregnant, my hospital bags had been packed for months, the nursery was decorated and all the relatives were on call for the joyous news that this much wanted baby was on its way. A baby that would be born safely and placed into my arms in a world that was not trying to constantly kill her.

Now picture this:  You are nine months pregnant living in war torn Aleppo Syria where you have managed to survive the daily bombings. You go into labour and make your way to the hospital only to be hit by an airstrike on the way. You and your baby are fighting for your lives as you give birth unconscious with broken bones and shrapnel being removed from your body. If you survive, if your baby survives what sort of future do you have?

For Mayissa and her baby this a reality. We cannot keep ignoring what is happening in Syria, to babies, children, mothers, fathers, people – no different from us but their location. We cannot keep looking away.

Video filmed by Channel 4 news for their series Inside Aleppo