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Every girl deserves the chance to be a princess

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
March 10th, 2016

As a mother to two young daughters I live in a perpetual haze of disney princesses. The favourite may change from Cinderella to Frozen’s Anna but a princess never goes out of style.

To see these images of beautiful Syrian refugee girls dressed in princess outfits against the background of a dirty refugee camp is the symbol of heartbreaking hope. When my daughters take their dress-ups off they go to their warm beds in knowledge they are safe.

While some of these young girls do not even know of a life before they arrived at this refugee camp in Lebanon.

group disney princess

The photographs are part of a project by Syrian artist Saint Hoax who photographed the girl not just to have a fun day of dress ups but to give them a change of a better future. The project is entitled ‘Once Upon a War’ with the hope of raising awareness and funds to help provide these girls with an education.

Unfortunately, Syrian refugees are becoming associated with terrorism,” Saint Hoax said. “I wanted to create a project that would clear the stereotypes that people have about Syrian refugees and spread awareness about the importance of educating children in refugee camps.”

“These characters are associated with dreams, and this is something that every child should experience. Forget about their unrealistic waistlines, and dependency on their prince to save them. These princesses are a beacon of hope.”

As the girls posed they told the photographer of their dreams for a better future including their dream careers.

Aya, 6 wants to be an actress

Aya, 6 wants to be an actress

Maram, 16, dreams of being a nurse and is known for helping around the camp

Maram, 16, dreams of being a nurse and is known for helping around the camp

Every single child should have access to an education regardless of where they were born. These beautiful little girls have already faced such incredible hardship because of war, not because they are any different to my two daughters dancing around house in their Cinderella and Belle dress-ups.

My children are so lucky but not more deserving than these gorgeous little princesses who also just want to have the opportunity to hope and dream.

You can help these girls by donating here.