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The little (shallow) things that make you smile.

Monty by Monty
August 22nd, 2014

I have no doubt a mansion, sh*t loads of money, bigger boobs and a never ending supply of tim tams would make me super happy. Shallow? Yes, but lets be honest, that would be super rad. Right now though, none of those are my reality but that’s okay (for now), because I get soooo much happiness form the little things in life.

Don’t worry, I am not going all Anthony Robbins on you and there is no underlying positive message here. What often makes me happy is still meaningless and shallow. But, it’s these little things add a bit of radness on any given mundane day.

Allow me to explain. Below are some of the little things that can inject some happiness into a day.

Jam Lamington1. Lamingtons. Yep, those plain old square lamingtons bring me so much joy. I bought one the other day, popped on the kettle and had a big cup of tea and basically made mouth love to the lamington. For the 10 minutes this activity took (that’s a lie it was no longer than three minutes) I was in pure bliss. SO much bliss in sitting down and tasting the cakey goodness of this lamington. The bonus was it had jam in it.

2. When I turn on my television and see the back-log of  brain rotting reality shows to catch up on I feel warm and fuzzy. They are all sitting patiently in my IQ ready for me to binge on.  This  makes me way more happy than I even like to admit to myself.  A  few of the fav’s –  Beverly Hills Housewives, Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding and Geordie Shore. Seriously who needs that mansion to bring you happiness when we have access to TV like this? No-one does!

popping zits3. Popping pimples. Mine or my boyfriends, I’m not fussy. Foul indeed but oh so satisfying. I often get impatient and try to hack into a blind pimple which always ends in a sad mess. But if I let it ripen, the pop is my ecstasy. This type of things really separates people. I think we must be born with the pimple popping love gene or not. This revolts some but for a lot of us it is beyond satisfying.

4. A drawer full of clean undies. Is there anything better? When all the washing has been done and you open up that top drawer and have the option of any pair of your undies you desire. Love this. Big time happiness.

5. A full tank of petrol makes me smile and fills me with good feelings. I loathe filling up petrol so when I see my tank is full I feel like I have beaten the system… (even though I filled it up the day before). I drive through the streets with arrogance knowing I have one up on the people I pass at the servo.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t swap one or all of these little pleasures for the happiness of the mansion, big boobs and wads of cash, but sometimes the joy of a lamington is all I need.

What is a little thing that makes you happy?