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The ‘Office Group All’ email no one wants to ever receive

Monty by Monty
October 15th, 2013
group all

My friend passed on the best ‘office group all’ email to me yesterday. She forwarded it to me because she knows I’m a grot and would find it hilarious. She was spot on. I got such a kick out of this. It’s always a bold move to do an ‘group all’. They lose their power when overused and can be seriously pesty. Only the most important of messages should be sent to the whole office.

This ‘group all’ was sent to a large office full of women. And, this is the second to be sent of its kind in a number of weeks. I apologise in advance for how entertaining I found it.

Here it is.

Subject: Ladies Loo’s


So ladies, it appears there is still someone in our midst who is not being mindful of others in the loos.


The past week has seen two reports – one of not flushing your number two’s and one of leaving evidence of that time of the month behind on the toilet paper roll. Disgusting, I know!!


I’m really sorry that I have to email everyone these emails, as it is likely only one or two people who are being thoughtless and inconsiderate of others who use the facilities.  To that person/people, grow up!!!  The rest of us are not here to flush or clean your mess up after you!!  Your mother/partner doesn’t work here to clean up after you either!!


And yes, we do have cleaners but a) they work late at night and the rest of us have to use the toilet in the meantime and b) they shouldn’t have to deal with this s*#t either.


Thanks to everyone else who is doing the right thing and here’s hoping the message gets through to the inconsiderate person who is amongst us.

This makes me want to puke and hysterically laugh at the same time. How foul. But we’ve all witnessed such foulness in work toilets, this I hate to admit.

What funny ‘group all’ emails have been sent around your work place?

  • Bron

    This is so hilarious and so disgusting at the same time. Girls can be so filthy in bathrooms. My ladies at my work treat the communal bathroom very differential than they do their own bathroom thats for sure.
    I sure just cop and paste this and send it around my office too.

  • Sue

    Our boss always sends office group alls about the most pathetic things. Such as ‘the milk is about to be thrown out so if you want a cup of tea go and get one now’. I think he is just bored and wants some conversation.
    I would prefer emails about milk than poo in the loo though.

  • Bianca

    This is so funny. I have forwarded it to all the ladies in my office. This is exactly our work place. I work in ‘fashion’ so very female dominated and we always have issues with our toilets. This is perfect.