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When I feel foul I hide behind these 3 things

Monty by Monty
May 21st, 2016

Sometimes when you look in the mirror it can make you can feel like a bag of dirty old dicks. Delightful.

Yes, yes I know, beauty comes from the inside, and as stunning as my insides are, sometimes my face does not get the memo to absorb some of that glow.

There are three things I like to hide behind when feeling like shit, they give me an extra boost of confidence and although it may seem a little superficial, I reckon if it gives you an extra 10% why the hell not. I’m not endorsing crack here, I have limits to my pick me ups, I’m talking about tricking your eyes into thinking you are bewdiful cause gosh darn gurl you are!!!

The things I swear by (besides fake tan which I would actually die without) is mascara, eyeliner and blush.

Sometimes, when I’m super tired or feeling frumpy and foul, I feel like a whole new person when I apply those three little babies.

I lather my mascara on. I like lots of that shit. I hate when the eyelashes clump together but I’m all for lots of mascara.

I know eyeliner on the bottom of your eye makes your eyes smaller but it makes me feel like a minx so small eyes it is.

Blush makes me look less dead. Rosie cheeks make me feel happier and prettier.

And there you have it, make up is the fucking bee’s knee’s and it works wonders for our confidence.

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