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My DD boobs almost need to be taped down to stop them feeling like they are about to be ripped off my body

Chloe James by Chloe James
January 16th, 2015

This Video has been doing the rounds this week I can’t seem to stop watching it..

I have never been a runner, or a jumper. I don’t lift weights at the gym. In fact, I don’t like working out in a gym. I would never do a Zumba class and I can’t get into those super intense Pump classes all the gym nuts are talking about.

A small part of my reasoning for this is because I just about need to tape down my DD boobs to stop them feeling like they are about to be ripped off my body. I have had these knockers from 14-years-old, so since then, intense workouts and I have not got along. I also don’t like gym workouts because I don’t want to be seen doing it wrong. I don’t want to be seen with my tomato of a face glowing or gasping for air. And I very much don’t want anyone to see me soaked in my own sweat.

I wish there had been more videos and campaigns like ‘This Girl Can’ when I was a teenager. Maybe I would have had a different outlook with positive messages like this to inspire me.

I hope that young girls today can find the confidence to run and jump and sweat as hard as the women in this video.

Check it out…

Do you have trouble exercising in public?