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Big step forward… But I’m still boycotting marriage.

Monty by Monty
April 18th, 2013

Super massive High Five to you New Zealand, and while we’re at it, shall we kiss? Indeed.

I’m so utterly thrilled that  last night, New Zealand became the 13th country to legalise same sex marriage. I was sitting on my couch with my boyfriend Sam when I saw the news. My twitter feed exploded with  the hashtag “samsexmarriage”, I screamed out the rad news to Sam (who was right next to me so I scared the bejesus out of him). I felt both elated and disappointed at the same time.

So wrapped that another country has pulled up their socks on this issue, but then so drained and frustrated we are still even having this conversation. Seriously, is this still even a topic?  The argument against marriage equality is one that was out dated hmmm around FOREVER AGO! Today New Zealand, I raise my cup of tea to you and say Bravo. I love me a wedding and something tells me the gays are going to teach us a thing or two about throwing a fabulous shinding. However, until we are celebrating marriage equality on Aussie shores, I have little interest in having my own wedding or getting hitched.

528240_10151321012951853_664015561_nI have been with my boyfriend Sam for eight years. We have one offspring together and plan on breeding many more. We are very committed to each other and even still occasionally open mouth kiss, but neither of us desires to make it ‘official’ through the sacrament of marriage.

For a while I thought that my aversion to tying the knot was because the thought of choosing who would make the guest list worked me into a cold sweat. But the more I think about the ridiculous discrimination of gay people, the less I want anything to do with it. When changes are made like they have been in New Zealand, as fab as it is, there is still so far for the rest of the world to go. We are miles away from where we should be when it comes to equality.

When discussing same sex marriage with my friends, one of my gay mates said, “If there was a nightclub that had a policy of only letting straight people in, would you go there?” The point he was making is an interesting one. How can I be appalled that same sex couples still can’t get married, but then take part in this ritual myself?

Here’s where the greater issue lies for me. Discriminating against gay people getting married is spoiling this beautiful institution for ALL people. This is not a gay issue anymore. This is a human issue. Love is love. If two people are lucky enough to fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, why would we allow our government to decide if they can get married or not? I’d like our government to build better schools, fix the environment, provide health care, not decide whose love is worthy!!! Ok…sorry…deep breath!

My Mother doesn’t hide her desire for me to get married. The odd bridal magazine is bought over to my house and subtly placed on my coffee table. So here is my commitment to you Mum, you will see me walk down the aisle when marriage can be enjoyed by all people who are in love. Until then your Grandson will remain an illegitimate child. I’m boycotting marriage.

Here is one of the best speeches I have seen a Politician ever give. MP Maurice Williamson, gave a fabulous funny speech yesterday after the same sex marriage bill was passed in New Zealand.