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Three seriously great tips for you…

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 8th, 2013

Ok, today three is the magic number (don’t question it just roll with it). Below are three fabulous beauty tips just for you.


I picked this one up from the super duper talented Make-up Artist Rae Morris and once I tried it, I was hooked. Particularly at this time of year when we are transitioning from the cooler months into the gloriousness of Spring and Summer, a good exfoliant is a necessity.  Skin that has been covered up and neglected needs a good scrub and polish before going on public display.

Cetaphil is my cleanser of choice – it’s cheap, gentle, pH balanced and available everywhere – a great all rounder that really does its job. Mix some bi-carb soda in with it, once or twice weekly or whenever you feel you need it. It is so gentle, but you can still feel it working to remove the layers of skin sitting on the surface – not sand papering it off like some harsh exfoliants do. Use it all over your body prior to fake tanning too. It’s a winner.

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This has been my nappy cream of choice since having my first child five years ago. Apart from keeping their bums in perfect condition, this is the best – I mean BEST – little beauty tool for dry skin. Stick with me here, because I know you’re probably furrowing your brows right now.

I’ve always had the good fortune of pretty decent skin, but recently I’ve had some unwavering dryness and angry looking patches of red skin around my chin. A friend of mine that works in the skincare industry immediately diagnosed it as eczema.  When purchasing my last tube of Nappy Goo, the pharmacist told me that many people swear by it for eczema treatment. Of course I tried it and guess what?  It works. It freaking works – I promise. Within a day or two, my ‘patches’ had almost completely disappeared.

Nappy Goo was developed by the pharmacists at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and it’s main ingredients are zinc oxide, hamamelis water and melaleuca oil. Try using it on the effected areas at night time as it’s quite emollient and pongs pretty strongly of tea tree. It’s also great for the dry redness you get around your nose during flu season. Anything that’s good enough for my kid’s bums, is good enough for me!

Nappy Goo


If coconut oil were a town, Miranda Kerr would at the very least be the Mayor. She has been banging on about coconut oil for years and it really is brilliant. I have used it in many different ways – in cooking, as a hair mask, body moisturiser and cuticle oil. For me, coconut oil truly shines as a make-up remover.

I like to wear waterproof mascara, as I’m prone to a bit of panda eye syndrome and nothing removes it as effectively as coconut oil. It completely breaks down your make up and is natural…no nasties that will sting your eyes. This also works best at night, so take your make up off with it, cleanse and then dab a little around your eyes as a natural eye cream. Could you ask for a better all rounder? I think not. Anything you can use as skin care as well as roasting your potatoes with is pretty impressive. Magic stuff. Thanks Miranda.  I like Niugini Organics Raw Virgin Coconut Oil. I buy a big tub, which is about $30 and divvy half up for the kitchen and half for the bathroom.

Niugini Coconut Oil

Give these tips a try and let us know what you think. Do you have any little beauty tips to share? Go on, I’ve shown you mine and you know what that means…..