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THREE tips on mindful eating by Lola Berry

by Show and Tell Team
June 11th, 2015

 Mindfulness might sound a bit like a hippy concept but it’s really just about getting present.

We live on autopilot and it can be easy to go through our day to day lives without really living. So being really open, curious and flexible is a really loose way of describing what mindfulness is.It’s about paying attention to what you’re doing and soaking up every moment, rather than letting your mind race ahead, worrying about the next thing you’re going to do.

Lola Berry

Lola Berry

So when it comes to food, the same things apply, when you’re shopping for your ingredients pick ones that feel right and that you really want to cook with them, touch them, smell them. When you’re cooking and preparing food notice things like the texture, the colour, inhale all the smells, make it all part of the experience. Try to zone in so your mind is calm, I love to listen to classical or quirky folk music when i’m preparing food, it not only helps to keep you calm but it creates an environment where delta brain waves tend to occur, and that’s when you’re most likely to have your creative inspired moments.

Put loving energy into your food, whether you’re making it for yourself, your mates or family. I believe that food is here to nourish you and to share with the people you love. And when it comes to eating it, chew slowly and for longer than you normally would. Try to noticed and pick out the flavours. Put your fork down often. You’ll also find you feel much fuller faster because the brian has time to process your meal.

Then as weird as it sounds enjoy the cleaning up, it’s all part of the process. It sounds really hippy but trust me it really works and when you tap into this mindfulness it can really change your life, the way you experience things, it’s pretty amazing and such a positive and grateful way to live.

Here are three simple tips for mindfulness.

– be in the moment, catch yourself when you’re thinking of a zillion things at once. Try to be here now. My all time favo quote is this:
“what time is it? Now. Where are you? Here. Who are you? This moment.”
– Enjoy the experience, even if you’re doing something that you would normally associate ad being a chore. Sounds weird I know, but try it.. You start to really love experiencing life.
– Use all of your senses, touch, smell taste, vision, sounds – become open to them and things will feel like new experiences, it makes for a very rich way of living and experiencing life.
Love Lola.
Do you have any other mindfulness tips?
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