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Tight Five with Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli

Monty by Monty
June 12th, 2013

Wippa is one half of ‘Fitzy and Wippa’ on Nova. Not only is he the hairiest man getting around town but one of the funniest, most generous and beautiful men I know. My dream for about five years was to do a show with Ryan Shelton and Wippa. That became a reality in 2010 and for two years we got to squeal into mics on Nova together. Wippa is engaged to a hot dame called Lisa and they are getting married in September this year. Wip is the kind of guy everyone wants to be besties with. Here is his top five.

1. You were an interesting little kid Wip, what was your main obsession when you were growing up?

I thought these were generic questions that anyone could answer, I didn’t realise they were personalised. Yeah ok, I was a little strange. I liked animals, particularly butterflies. I know that sounds a little feminine but I think it was because it was one of the only challenging things I could catch in the back yard, Glen Iris Melbourne. Lets make this clear, if I had have grown up in Africa, lions would have been my target, consider the butterfly as the Glen Iris lion. The thing was, Dad wanted to get involved in what his son was interested in, so he built and enclosure for me. It was probably 2.5m x 2.5m not big but he spent so much time on it and I would just run around with a net catching these airborne lions and stuffing them into the cage. The only thing was, it didn’t stop at butterflies. I caught the occasional injured bird, a stray cat and a neighbours dog I was obsessed with. Then a couple of lizards, all the spiders I could find, my younger sister Kate was in there for around 3 weeks too. I was the anything living in Melbourne”Josef Fritzl. You know that movie, “We bought a zoo” yeah well I stole one but it got a bit crowded at times.

2. Where you an early or late bloomer in the puberty department?

Wow……….Monty you know I had an all over body thatch in GRADE 4! It came out of no where and went everywhere. I went through hell and back, I looked like a teacher in grade 5 that thought he had to wear the student uniform to work. In year nine I went on a school camp for 3 weeks and gained entry into the teacher and parents beard growing competition, which I won! I knew I was in with a good shot after one of the teachers wives at the airport asked what year I taught. By year 7 I could no longer buy a kids meal but on the other hand I was buying alcohol without a problem. I never had ID on me so I’d just undo a couple of button on my shirt. The down side was probably the nicknames, “sea gorilla” at the beach and BFG, “big friendly Greek” a lot of the other time.

Our last show together before I (Monty) was forced into kissing Wippa.

Our last show together before I (Monty) was forced into kissing Wippa.

3. Who was your first kiss and how old where you?

First kiss was in year 9, Sally was her name and when I last check still is. I should probably get in touch with her and thank her because I turned out to be one of the best kissers this county has ever seen. In fact Monty, it wasn’t long ago, you and I were in the studio and it was our last show. We needed something interesting to do and all Ryan had organized was Tony Barber. We decided we needed to release the sexual tension between us and you could no long hold back. We kissed Monts and you loved it. Lips locked, you relaxed and became all hands, if Ryan wasn’t there and it wasn’t being broadcast nationally, I’d go as far to say I might have been Baxters dad! Sorry Sammy.
4. You interview a lot of famous cats for your job, when is the one time your really embarrassed yourself in front of one?
Oh all of them. I got in trouble interviewing good old Kristin Stuart! We were in L.A and were waiting around for about an hour for K-Stew to drag her lifeless body into a hotel room to give us 3mins of her time. I was getting board and hungry so I started to walk around the hotel looking for food, I was snack hunting. Fitzy was with me and we stumbled across this room that had the biggest buffet you’ve ever seen. Fitzy was busting for the toilet at the time so while he did some work in the bathroom, I began inhaling the buffet. Fruit croissants, toasted ham cheese tomato, I had zoned in and nothing was going to stop me. When I stopped to breath I realized we were in some ones room, there was luggage on the floor and clothes on the bed. Fitzy had just joined me at the buffet when people came running into the room yelling “get out of Kristen’s room, get out.” They called security but I still managed to steal a pair of her undies. The only other was Bruce Willis who stopped me half way through the interview after I offered him a beer and was then told afterwards he was a recovering alcoholic. Cheers Bruce, sorry.

5. You are a lover of food, if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Pizza. The pizza traditionally serves as a very practical idea to maximize the left over’s in your fridge. With a little bit of dough you can then put what ever you like on it. Similar to the sausage, but harder to do, when someone yells “what should be do with these left overs?” Stuff them in a pigs intestinal lining, (that’s the tricky bit) I also like pies.

Bonus Question:

What would you bring for Show and Tell? (Primary School Style)

Well you did say only 5 questions and I haven’t won anything so I don’t know why you’re calling this a “bonus” question. But it would be my Titanic coal. The only tradable commodity from the Titanic was the coal that went down with it. My only concern is if you have to send someone down 40,000 leagues under the sea to bring back coal and you’re selling it on Ebay for $25 with no proof or certificate. Maybe my coal is not genuine? Or maybe it’s a genuine fake. Either way I’d love to tell you the story of the Titanic, or you can just get the movie out.

You can hear Fitzy and Wippa On Nova 969 (syd) 6-9am weekdays and on all Nova stations 6-7pm weekdays.

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