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Tim Blackwell chats all things meditation.

Monty by Monty
June 6th, 2013

Meditation used to be something only hippies did. (How long since you have used the word hippie? Let’s bring it back). It seemed like a lot of hard work involving whale noises and lotus poses.  How things have changed, or at least our perception has. It couldn’t  be any  easier or more accessable for us to meditate now, and the benefits are ridiculous. To list a few; it inhances our immune system, balances our wild emotions, lowers blood pressure and improves concentration and helps us to sleep (gotta love the zzzz’s).

Most of us are super time poor but incorporating even five minutes of meditation a day has massive benefits to our lives. With all of the pluses to meditating, why wouldnt we start this daily practice super young? There is a fab App called ‘Smiling Mind’ which is modern meditation for young people. So easy. So good.

Tim Blackwell who is a part The Nova Drive show ‘Meshel, Tim and Marty’ is a Smiling Mind ambassador.

You have a full-on high energy job, a little girl called Bo and a lot of extra commitments- what role does meditating play in your life?

My job is full on? Sure, well if you say so. But meditation has been such an awesome way to escape the noise. The only ‘work’ my job really consists of is to constantly know what is going on. From the moment I wake up, the phone is going with email. Radio is on. TV is even on; which my wife still doesn’t understand. I assure her I can actually type, listen to the radio and know what Karl Stevanovic is doing – all at the same time!

Plus, with baby in the background and the cat wanting breakfast – noise is a constant. So, even just a quick 5 minutes with the headphones on and the Smiling Mind app – it’s amazing the peace it brings. It’s like an Up and Go for your mood. (I’m not paid by Sanitarium by the way).

How long have you been an Ambassador for Smiling Mind and what made you want to be one?

I’ve been an ambassador for just under a year, and it came about because they wanted someone who wouldn’t appear to ‘want them’, if you catch my drift.

I was one of those people who heard the word meditation and thought it meant you had to live up a tree in Byron, eating mangos while wearing tie-die. But no. You can be a cynical, meat-eating father of one living in inner city Melbourne too, apparently!

You have a new addition to your family- little baby Bo. How has meditating helped you now you are a little sleep deprived?

The technique’s I’ve learnt with Smiling Mind have allowed me to use them in my every day routine with her. I’m lucky enough to spend every morning with her before I go to work – and we’ll happily lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling – her gooing and drooling and me getting my med on! She doesn’t move a lot yet, so I’m sure it will become more challenging to include her as time goes on!

Is it important to you that programs like this are available to Bo when she is of school age?

 Absolutely. And it’s more important through the way that it’s available.

The fact you can do it totally on your own, without having to join a ‘meditation group’ or something similar, means you can give it a go without the fear of being ridiculed. Which is all you’re really afraid of as a kid. You just want to fit in, and I can assure you, if I told my mates after hand-ball in Year Six I was off to meditate, it wouldn’t have gone down well.


Smiling Mind App is ace for children and adults. you can download it here.

They are also currently running the 2013 Smile Drive which is helping to raise funds to expand the programs in schools and community groups. Such special programs that I sure hope are available when my son hits school age.  To donate click here.

*This campaign is targeted towards Smiling Mind supporters across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.