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Tinder for Dogs – fur babies need love too!

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
June 25th, 2015

So, if working out whether to swipe left or right isn’t enough pressure, now you need to start worrying about your dog’s dating life? Yup, Tindog – it’s a thing. The head honchos at Tinder got together after solving all the people dating problems and came up with a way for your fur babies to find their true loves.

It’s works pretty much the same way as human Tinder. You upload a photo of your dog and and if a fellow pooch in your area swipes left and likes your photo, then the owners can chat on private message and organise a time to catch up.

I mean we know it can be difficult to find the love of your life in a bar, sorry I mean park, so this eliminates all those hours spent wandering aimlessly around dog parks when all you really want to do is to get down to business.

dogs in love

Let’s look at the benefits, if your dog is bored and looking for a new friend then getting them a social life might save your couch, carpet or that fab new pair of shoes. And maybe your dogs new friend might have a really cute owner and you could kill two birds with one stone. I mean we all need a little company now and then and it doesn’t seem fair to leave man’s best friend out of the dating pool.

If you’re interested or your dog is interested it’s a free app that can be downloaded on any iPhone or android phone. So go forth and give your dog the dating life they deserve. Worst case scenario you’ll be able to spend quality time with your beloved baby as you swipe left and right for hours.

Now if only you had a way to find your cat’s soulmate…

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