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This is how I date in our Tinder “hook-up” culture

by Jordana de Valle
April 7th, 2015

Seriously, what does a girl have to do to get asked out on a date these days? I mean a REAL date. The kind of date where the guy you’ve been crushing on for weeks actually picks you up, takes you out and makes an effort to get to know you…face to face!

I know what you’re thinking already; this girl has watched The Notebook WAY too many times! And maybe I have. But the simple fact is, I’m twenty years old and I’d like to go on a real date…is that too much to ask? Apparently in this delightful age of Tinder and the “hook-up culture” it is. That’s why I decided to take myself on a blind date with a book…yes, a book.

I’m the kind of girl who’s happy by myself, hell I love my own company! So I regularly take myself out on dates. I like going to the movies by myself (shock horror!) and I like eating out by myself. Sometimes I even take myself for romantic walks along the beach. So when my favourite bookshop offered blind dates with a book I was more than up for the challenge.

It’s called a ‘blind date with a book’ because the books are wrapped up in boring brown paper so you don’t know what book is inside. The only hint to what the mystery book may be is three words written on the paper in black hand writing. Approaching the blind date bookstand I was surprisingly nervous… my mind started going crazy! What if I didn’t like the book? Would I HAVE to read it? I stood at the bookstand for about five minutes until I chose a smallish book with the words ‘endearing, obsession and companionship’ written on the paper…this sounded like my kind of book!


Committed to my decision, I bought the book and there was no going back. As I drove home, I suspiciously eyed it off where it sat on the seat next to me. Locking myself in my room, I sat down on my bed and opened it… “Waiting for Doggo”… I’d never seen or heard of the book in my life! My first reaction was ‘Oh crap, I don’t even like dogs!’ This was definitely a blind date; I would never have picked this book up… like ever.

But this was a date! So I decided to give it a chance and started reading the book. I read it in bed at night; I read it in on the train and read it in cafes. It made me laugh, smile and ultimately think about life. When I finished the last page, I was pleasantly surprised by this sweet and funny book…and it was easily the best date I’ve been on in a long time.

So all you gals out there waiting to be asked out on a date, why not take yourself on one? I definitely don’t think dating is dead; but while I’m waiting for the guy I’m crushing on to take me out, I’ll keep taking myself on dates… even if it is with a book!

Would you go on a blind date with a book?