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Our Top 10 moments of the Bachelor finale

Stacey by Stacey
October 2nd, 2014

Let’s just say we are speechless – utterly speechless. That finale has blown our socks off.

Let’s stop the chatter and give you our top 10 moment of tonight’s big ending…

1. Sam telling Blake’s mum that she was worried he was a “douchbag”. Priceless, absolutely priceless.

2. Blake’s aunt seeing Sam for the first time and saying, “oh look she’s blonde, or actually two tone”, that’s her black roots babe. Awks.

3. Why are we whispering Lisa? I’m not sure he heard what you were saying.

4. Our heart was breaking for Lisa on that last long ad break and then when the show returned it was, Lisa who?

5. Lisa telling Blake’s mum how much they look alike, ummmmm?!?!

6. The cute old man in the hot air balloon.

7. Ummm…Bachelor what? That Safari was the best thing we’ve ever seen and we weren’t even there.

8. Osher looking like he wanted to make out with Blake at the end. He wanted to be the last one standing…#osher4blake

9. The general cuteness of Blake’s mum was to die for.

10. Ummmm, Sam didn’t say yes, she said 100%…a lot. Do it again. Amidst this media frenzy we need confirmation…stat.

Did you pick Sam for the win?